The company engages in the following activities and services:

1. Production and installation of LED lighting fixtures for indoor and outdoor lighting.
2. Production and installation of solar street and park lighting.
3. Design, supply and installation of independent photovoltaic installations for own needs for industrial premises, houses, caravans, pumping stations and others.
4. Production and installation of electric switchboards for low and medium voltage
5. Installations and networks for low and medium voltage.
6. Guidelines for starting a new business in the field of renewable energy sources.
7. Consultancy activities on familiarization with the opportunities in energy efficiency measures / energy efficiency / renewable energy for individuals, legal entities, municipalities, schools, kindergartens and others.
8. Guidelines for selecting a suitable site for a photovoltaic power plant.
9. Solar energy audit of land under the current legislation in Bulgaria, including the following activities
a. On-site preliminary assessment of ground-spot
b. measurement of the actual potential of the resource / solar radiation /
c. analysis and review of potential technologies for electricity energy from the sun and how to make the installation
d. modeling forecast annual production at different options, technology and mounting system
e. cost of photovoltaic parks
f. financial analysis and a simple payback period of investment
g. specific, technological and financial risk for investment
f. motivated description of the investment plan


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